It's newer! It's faster! It's lighter! It has two doohickeys instead of one! At this point, the idea of a unique selling proposition in advertising is little more than white noise. Product features come and go. But what about when brands can connect with an audience on an emotional level in a profound way? That's when the real magic happens.

When I see ads, I love seeing leaders who really understand this assert their dominance. But it's also entertaining to watch competitiors struggle to keep up. They end up resorting to mundane product-based attacks. From my perspective, it only gives the leader more power. Some may argue that competitors have no choice, but I don't buy it, unless the shots at the competition are cleverly woven into an awesome story.

Find your own path to connect with your audience, and make it meaningful. Go beyond your cool product feature. Think about what your audience is feeling in that moment, when they are engaging with your brand. Better yet, think about how you want them to feel. I've hand-picked two technology product categories that show these different approaches. Honestly, I can't tell you which brands make better products across the board. I'm not doing a CNET review. But I can tell you which ones have my attention.

  • Apple vs. Microsoft Tablets

    They don't get much better than this.

  • Beats by Dre vs. JBL Headphones

    No one's really pushed headphones beyond the product basics before. Why not?