Munawar Ahmed


Get In Touch

A few of my favorite things.

Book: 1984

Drink: Martini

Tourist Spot: The Cloisters

Karaoke Song: Love Is A Battlefield

Munawar Ahmed is a design and technology consultant. Her work over the last 17 years has spanned brand development, digital strategy, user experience design, workflow streamlining, data modeling, and large-scale back-end system implementations. She runs a tight ship and has zero tolerance for poor design, sloppy documentation, convoluted architecture, or dead weight. On any given project, she is deeply involved from inception to release, and has been described as the unrelenting force that holds the entire project and its people together. Munawar graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in Psychology, from USC with an M.S.Ed in Curriculum and Instructional Design, and from Columbia University with professional certification in Systems Analysis and Software Engineering. Her book, The Art of User Experience, will be published in Fall 2017.

If you don’t get the Oxford comma, then it’s just not going to work out. Sorry.