When Fortune magazine — one of the biggest names in business news — was ready to undergo a major overhaul, it needed to make a strong statement. Invited by our esteemed colleagues over at Big Human, we helped reinvent classics like the Fortune 500, while making smarter use of data to breathe life into finance.


Project Management

Information Architecture

Ad Unit Innovation


Numbers can be boring, or they can tell a powerful story. We don't do boring.

These rankings kinda matter.

If you're ranked by Fortune Magazine, you're kind of a big deal. Everyone knows it, and we wanted to show it. We helped give each ranking plenty of space to feature beautiful photography and impressive highlights. With infinite scroll, you can spend hours admiring the accolades.

Fortune Chart

Data is a beautiful thing.

We love data. We hate ugly representations of it. The better it looks, and the more thought that goes into the design, the easier it is to understand. From stock quotes to market reports, we worked closely with the Big Human team to break through all of that amazing data and create a system that tells a coherent story.

Fortune Style Guide

Red: E63F2D

Blue: 008ED8

Yellow: FFB400

We’ll be your style guide.

From colors and typography to photos and infographics, every piece matters, and it needs a reason to exist. Our design heroes at Big Human gave Fortune more style than Don Draper. Well, okay, maybe it's a tie.