Hate The Game, Love The Game Changers


We do things a little differently around here. We move fast, dodge the bullshit, and relish meeting like-minded people with a similar penchant for getting shit done. We set our own rules, and they're good rules.

At our core, we're makers, doers. We have little patience for artificial process and we don't suffer fools. When we have an opinion, you'll hear it. Right after that, you'll hear our rationale. Then right after that you'll hear nothing, because we'll be waiting for you to contribute too. No free rides here — not for us, not for you.

Don't get us wrong, we've got nothing but pure love — for our clients, for ourselves, and for the integrity of what we create together. We know what works, we know what stinks (and can smell it a mile away), and we know what it feels like to make good on a promise, and then some. So, if you like working with traditional agencies and running around in circles, by all means, continue down that path. But if you crave creating something truly significant and wonderful, we're all in. Whether you're starting from scratch or overhauling an existing experience, we stay true to our approach. Learn it. Love it. Be a part of it.

Getting to know each other.

We don't tolerate meetings for the sake of having meetings. Ever. But productive working sessions that allow us to accomplish in hours what normally takes weeks? Yes, please. Let's get in a room together and throw everything on the table. Let's step back and ignore the idea of limitations. If you begin without picturing an ideal state, you're already selling yourself short. Yes, we'll make sure to carve an efficient path to a minimum viable product (MVP), but we should always start with the ideal state. We'll ask the right questions, and we'll make sure the right people are involved every step of the way. And these working sessions don't end mid-way through the project. They simply become more focused over time, and, therefore, more productive.

Putting the band together.

Kick-ass projects start with kick-ass people. We love working with rock stars. In fact, we require it. Your A-listers don't need to come from the same department, work on the same projects, or sit at the same level within your hierarchy; a good team thrives in complementing each other, not complimenting each other. What they do need to be is small in number. We're building the A-Team here, and we need to find our Hannibal, Face, B.A. Baracus, and Murdock. They'll be in every working session, and yes, they'll have homework to do. They'll need to come to the table with sleeves rolled up, have opinions, and be ready (and empowered) to make decisions. They don't all need to have the same vision, but each of them better have one of their own. We love collaborating with sharp minds, the more perspectives the better. Sometimes the best solutions are those born from a parry of one-upmanship of ideas. So send us your best and brightest, and as long as they're lean and mean, we'll crank out the awesome together.

Making decisions, decisively.

While we love working with stellar teams and engaging varying perspectives, all of that is for shite without a single, strong leader. What are the requirements for the position? To start, momentum. If we can't make decisions, we can't move forward. A central decision-maker is vital in maintaining a rapid and fluid pace. What else? Directness. We need someone who will shoot us straight, always. Don't like a design? Great, tell us (then tell us why). Struck with an epiphany? Wonderful, inspire us. No matter what the message, it must be conveyed clearly and without hesitation. What else? Humility. Just as we require a leader with candor, reciprocally, we need them to expect (and welcome) the same from us. No good solutions come from sycophantic bullshit. Lastly, a leader must possess the innate drive to get shit done. If the herd needs to be gathered, redirected, driven, or culled, we can't suffer through bureaucratic sludge to make that happen. If the team has lost focus, step in and remind them of what we've set out to accomplsh. An effective leader is an invested leader, and one capable of both swift action and enduring focus.

Project management, without project managers.

We're obsessed with structure and perfection, but only when it makes sense. When it comes to working on lengthy projects, we're realistic. It's not about making sure everything is perfectly structured and every minute of every day is scheduled. We know how to adjust on the fly, handle curveballs as they come our way, and keep everyone focused on the goals that get us excited in the first place. We don't do meeting notes or formal agendas. We create living documents that are constantly being refined and improved. In the end, the journey isn't always exactly how we map it out, but it's a fun ride. And the destination is well worth the trip.

Building your brand.

Already have an established brand? We'll make sure everything we do stays true to its essence. Starting from scratch? Even better. We'll work with you to figure out how to tell your story to the world. From logos to style guides to marketing materials, there's not much we can't do to connect you to your audience, and we do it with substance. We don't just want you to look good, because your brand isn't just some thing. It's everything. It's who you are. We're just helping you tell the story in an engaging, honest way.

Think it, sketch it, design it.

Remember the days when wireframing was an 8-week formalized phase on the project plan. Um, yeah. Fuck that. Abstract, inefficient, and just not all that helpful. Wireframes should be a fleeting sketch on a whiteboard, just enough to get the idea across. Then, take a seat, fire up Sketch, OmniGraffle, Illustrator, Photoshop, whatever, and draw. Just draw. Until it's gorgeous. Color. Typography. Overstated. Understated. Make it hot.

Choosing the right CMS.

Your content will be awesome. That's a given. But it's not enough. You need a CMS that works for you, not the other way around. Do you start building a house by making a beautiful kitchen? You need the right foundation first. From redesigning an entire site to replacing stale content, we'll assess all of your needs and identify the CMS platform that best suits you. And don't worry, we'll turn you into experts, too.

Choose your dev partner wisely.

We don't do development. But we get it, and we work closely with teams of all shapes and sizes. We believe in getting them involved as early as possible, not throwing a bunch of designs over the fence at the halfway mark. Because of our Lean UX approach, we're constantly iterating and making things better, so having dev heavily involved from the start only makes it easier. As the project moves along, their work will ramp up. If you have a kick-ass dev partner who can lead that charge, great. If not, we have a short list of shops that meet our standards. We're happy to make an introduction.

Well, there you have it. That's how we do things. So if you're tired of traditional processes and underwhelming results, help us change the game. We'll push you beyond where you think you can go, and you'll thank us in the end. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and an insatiable desire to make something great — because we won't settle for good enough. Give us a call.