A Day at Bluprint


At Bluprint, we all juggle a bunch of different tasks. Our days are as unpredictable as they are entertaining. When someone asks me what I do, sure, I can provide a somewhat simple answer. But I never do it true justice. To paint a more complete picture, I'll describe what a particular day was like for me. I'd call it a typical day, but fortunately, there's really no such thing.

1. Find the right ideas.
A new product launch for one our clients gave us an exciting opportunity to launch an ad campaign. After we decided on a specific campaign direction, it was time to think through the first execution. I gathered a small team together, and we tossed ideas at the whiteboard. Before lunch, we had a fully-baked ad idea ready to go. The design team had a storyboard ready the next day.

2. Find the right words.
Once we settled on an ad idea, it was time to start writing, so we separated and worked through lines. For me, this is music time. Armed with some headphones, smooth hip hop instrumentals, and a decent view, I try to get in the zone. Sometimes, the words just flow. Luckily, that was the case on this day.

3. Create the destination.
What good is an ad if the landing page falls flat? After another whiteboard jam session, we had a sketch of the page. I followed that with another session in the headphones zone, and we had our first pass at content for the entire page. The design team was able to get started on laying it out that same afternoon.

4. Map out user flows.

Time to switch out of creative campaign mode. An app we had recently designed was introducing a new use case through added features. Using OmniGraffle, I worked through a diagram of these new user flows. By the end of the day, the content was written, the screens were designed, and the app simulation was ready to be shared.

5. Sketch out a website.

We had just started a new project working on the brand identity and website for a food and beverage startup. This was our first internal workshop dedicated to laying out the website. I always enjoy these sessions because of how little they feel like typical meetings. Instead of empty ideas and next steps, we left the conference room with our first sketch of the website on the whiteboard.

6. Think big.

My days tend to be full with our current projects, but there's always time to meet and discuss the next big thing. On this particular day, we discussed ideas for creating our own product(s). What's better than creating great work for clients? Creating great work for clients and customers. By the time we were done, we felt inspired and ready to bring a new idea to life.

There's more to the list, such as catching up on email and writing specifications for developers, but you get the picture. It's hard to summarize what I do because it changes by the minute, and I love it. I pack a lot into each day, but I'm no workaholic. I'm just surrounded by really talented people, and they bring out the best in me. None of us are simply glued to our screens. We share ideas, laughs, and anything inspirational that we stumble upon. We're not just working. We're pushing each other to be better every day.

Matt Orminski is a brand strategy consultant based in New York City. He thoroughly enjoys problem-solving, storytelling, and the first bite of a proper cheesesteak. Get in touch.