A Little Bit of Fit


I recently realized that I am getting older, and unfortunately my metabolism could very well slow down. Way down. It was a very sad realization, but once I came to terms with it, I did what everyone does. I went and signed up for a gym membership. Not everyone, including me, can make it to the gym every day, or even every week. Summer is around the corner and that's motivation in itself. How hard could it be? 10th grade Phys. Ed wasn't that long ago... was it? 

I had to come up with small circuits to scatter throughout my day. These just help me maintain what I do when I DO have time to get in a solid work out in at the gym! 

Jumping Jacks 
This doesn't take longer than three minutes, tops. Right before I jump in the shower I do three sets of 15. This kicks off your day with a wee bit of cardio, and your heart is pumping for the rest of the day!

Tippy Toes 
While showering I try and make a conscious effort to push up on my toes and build my legs. Do this for as long as you're lathering and washing through your shampoo and conditioner. Three sets of 10 is enough to feel a little burn in your calves. 

Stairs are so key. When I get to the train station I always opt for the stairs. Let me take that back, not ALWAYS. I try. It's a great way to work the legs and glutes. It takes just as much time to walk up the escalator.

This one is fun because people at the office give you weird looks! It's great! When I'm going to grab something from the printer, I grab two water bottles and lunge my way over. These work as your weighted lunges for the day. Needless to say, this is something you need to be dressed in looser clothing for, and if you don't think this would fly in your office, don't do it. You can do them later in your day. 20 for each leg is perfect. 

Heel Touches 
This targets your sides. Somewhere under there is a waist line. When I'm brainstorming at my desk, or just need a little stretch, I sit with my feet aligned or beside the legs of the chair. I then move my body left and right. Right fingers touch your right heel (which should be flat on the floor) and left fingers touch your left heel. Side to side until you've done three sets of 15.

V Sit-Ups 
I like using an exercise ball for this, and doing it while I'm watching my TV shows in the late evening. It keeps my mind off of how hard I'm actually working. Lay down and hold the ball between your feet. Lift the ball up with your feet and grab it with your hands. This ensures perfect form and makes sure your core is targeted. I usually do two sets of 10. This way I know I still have half my show to sprawl out on the couch and actually relax! 

Whenever I can I add in 50 squats, a 20 min run (one minute walk, two minute run), and light arm lifting with weights or even the cans I'm using to make dinner.

It doesn't seem like a lot, but it makes me feel better, I'm doing even a little bit to get fit! Spreading it through out the day doesn't make me feel like it's taking too much out of my day either. You'd be surprised how well it works... just make sure your diet is working along with it as well. Sometimes that's harder than the actual "task" of exercising! Go ahead and try it! 

Shazia Syed is a Human Resources professional based in Toronto. When she's not busy criticizing the crap out of your resume, she’s busy talking. And talking. And talking! Dare to get her started.