Buzzer Beaters


When it comes to sports entertainment, March Madness takes a back seat to nothing. In a world that is too often run by Goliath, it's always nice to see David pull one out. And, when we're lucky enough — when the stars align — an epic underdog story culminates in the most suspenseful moment in sports — the buzzer beater.

Drama that has built up over the course of an entire season comes down to one moment while the ball floats through the air. For some, the pressure of the moment is too much, which is why buzzer beaters are as rare as they are special. While most of us have never been seconds away from the Sweet Sixteen, we've all experienced our own drama-filled moments as we race against the clock. So, when the pressure is building in business, and a deadline is fast approaching, how can you rise to the occasion and walk away victorious?

Remember what got you here.
Why do you have a big deadline in the first place? Somewhere along the way, someone saw something in you, and you've earned this opportunity. You've been up against it before, and you've come out on top. Never underestimate the power of experience. Act like you've been there before — because you have.

Don't dwell on previous mistakes.
Maybe you got sloppy and careless early in the project. Maybe you didn't take it seriously enough, or you started down the wrong path too quickly. It doesn't matter. Learn from your mistakes later. Execute now. Who cares if you slipped up before? Consider yourself lucky to still be in the game. Without overcoming a few obstacles, it's not that much fun anyway.

Keep your cool.

Whether you're the star player or a bench contributor, act like a leader. Carry yourself with a confidence that says, "Everybody relax. I've got this." If you panic and get yourself worked up, you're having a negative impact on your entire team and your own health. Relax, and channel that energy for a positive outcome.

In reality, it doesn't always work out. When the pressure builds, we all miss big shots and hand in projects that aren't exactly what we wanted them to be. But when the next opportunity presents itself, you need to be able to visualize victory. The second you start doubting your success, you've already failed. Stop doubting, and become legendary.

Matt Orminski is a brand strategy consultant based in New York City. He thoroughly enjoys problem-solving, storytelling, and the first bite of a proper cheesesteak. Get in touch.