Don’t Fuck Up a Good Project


When a project is going well, don't fuck it up. You may be tempted to start delegating more or hiring in more folks. Do so carefully. A great project can take a sharp wrong turn in no time at all. Here are four mistakes to avoid and keep you looking like a champ.

1. Juniors
The trouble with putting junior staff in a leading role on a project is their inexperience. Misguided decisions, design churn, scope creep, endless revisions, and a general inability to act from a place of intuition. Don't leave the important stuff up to juniors.

2. Misplaced Efforts
Too many people who are not good at their job have been placed into a position of power. It may not be a formal position of power, but you know it’s a problem when their feedback, decisions, and indecision result in a time trap rather than moving the project forward.

3. Design Churn
Design churn is typically the result of folks who are unqualified to give design feedback but deem themselves to be in a position to do so. The best clients have meaningful discussions about overall vision and the type of information on the page. The worst clients get too far into the weeds.

4. Weak Execution
When the folks responsible for building out the back end and front end aren't up to the task — Houston, we have a problem. Design chops and technical chops have to be of a similar caliber.

Munawar Ahmed is a user experience consultant based in New York City. She works on S, M, L, and XL projects, from indie startups to mega-corps. She's friendly, most days. Get in touch.