Here’s to You, InVision


InVision, you’ve changed the way I work, and dare I say the quality of work I produce. You’ve made it easier than ever to bring my ideas and designs to life. And getting feedback from those whose opinions I value most has never been easier. As a token of my appreciation and admiration for what you do, I want to share with the world five reasons why InVision rules. Here goes nothing.

You Make Life Easy
Since InVision launched, they’ve added the ability to sync files directly from your desktop. Sure, it was Dropbox’s idea, and we thank them for it, but this is about InVision, okay? This feature has made large-scale projects in InVision a breeze. Particularly when new iterations of existing screens need to be added, and even single elements across all screens need to be changed. What’s totally awesome, too, is if you use the same filename (which you probably should for consistency sake), you retain all the hotspots you’ve already thought through, and can go in and manually edit the ones that no longer stand.

You Keep it Real
This isn’t their mantra (as far as I know) but it might as well be, because InVision has done everything possible to make its prototypes feel as close to the real thing. The support of animated GIFs; the ability to create anchor links and hover states; the range of mobile gestures; the realistic icon and launch experience on mobile; the support of semi-transparent layers such as the dropdown or slide out menu. The list is endless and—as I’ll touch on in the following paragraph—constantly growing thanks to the wonderful team at InVision.

You’re Freakin’ Mindreaders
In the world of web and app development things move so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. It would be ignorant to think any prototyping software should to be able to stay inline with everything that’s going on around it. But somehow, what feels most pressing and top-of-mind in my world, is true for those over at InVision, too. I’ll often use InVision wishing I could add a certain interaction or level of functionality, knowing full well that there’s only so much a prototype can do. And yet, magically, InVision will add the exact feature I’m looking for right when I need it most.

You Share Good Advice, And Great Inspiration
I must say, I’m a sucker for a good email newsletter, unfortunately they are few and far between. InVision’s weekly digest is one my inbox happily awaits. I tend to read them over lunch and, yes, I click on each every link. Any given week one can expect to receive everything from user insights to seasonal inspiration to upcoming webinars with the InVision team

You Bring Us Together 
InVision is not just a phenomenal product, it’s an awesome community. From those I work with day in, day out, to teams I admire across the country and across the globe, InVision brings great minds in the world of UX and product design together. The product itself has awesome tools for collaborating in real-time, and working iteratively over the course of a project. But they also do in-depth features on some of the greatest design teams out there, which only further builds the awesome community that looks to InVision to help them create game-changing work.

If you’re not already using InVision, create a free account, build out a project, and tell me it’s not the best thing to happen since avocado toast.

Thanks again, InVision.

Sebastian is a user experience designer based in Brooklyn. He was born in New York, can you tell? Challah back.