Rock Band, Anyone?


It was a late night and your group of friends had too much to drink and the “let’s start a band” conversation comes up. Big plans are made, band names are developed and tours are planned. It’s awesome. However, the next morning, there’s a splitting hangover and a text message waiting for you. Shit. You have a friend that follows-through. “Sup dude, so what are we doing about this band thing?”

Forming a band is very similar to forming your perfect dream team at work. It’s not about drawing straws, you have to be selective and tactical. It requires business decisions, creativity, and most importantly, patience. It’s difficult finding that balance but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Stick to this list and you could find yourself an awesome band.

Have a common goal.
This is not surprising but make sure that everyone has a common goal. The group needs to believe in the same objective and work towards it. Whether it’s going on tour or launching a website, there has to be clear and precise direction for the team. Otherwise, you’ll be out of tune.

Fill every position logically.
Don’t recruit a cow-bell player if you need a guitarist. Think about what your band is missing. Prioritize the positions you actually need filled. Do you need a project manager? Get a project manager. How about a graphic designer? Hire one. That cow-bell player? Maybe they can wait.

Every band needs back-up singers.
Not everyone can be the Mick Jagger or the Jon Bon Jovi of your group. You need back-up singers, sound-engineers, and gaffers. It has to be a team effort. If everyone has a Jazz background, then how can you add some Rock ’n Roll into your sound? A diverse group will help you make beautiful music.

Be respectful of each other’s art.

Sometimes the drummer writes a great song, so don’t shit on it without even listening to it. Have an open mind to opinions and suggestions. It could lead to your next big hit.

Have a jam session.
Don’t commit to band members until you have a jam session. It’s that moment that you’ll be able to know if the vibe is right or not. How do you jive with each other? Can you finish each other’s tunes and predict where it’s going next? Take the time and it will make the journey harmonious.

Stephanie Liu is a user experience consultant based in New York City. She's strict with rules but always with a smile. Try to catch her on a good day though. Just kidding, she's harmless. Get in touch.