The Art of Keeping an Office Clean


There are lots of things that happen in an office. Work is created, laughs are contagious, and drinks are had. Then there is that unspoken element of what makes an office function.


Cleaning an office is an art form. Sure, that may sound silly and weird but that must mean that you’re not cleaning properly. We are a collective group of adults and we should work in a place for adults. We don’t expect our mothers to come over and clean our homes (Okay, maybe sometimes I could use the help), so we shouldn’t just expect that this is a one-person job.

Wasn’t that a great segue into a list of how to keep the office clean?

Conference Room
If you’ve been through the construction in the office, you’ll know and understand the love and care that went into that space. It is a beautiful shared space that should continue to look like that. Pretend as if you were never there. Always log yourself out of the conference room computer (mostly because everyone can go through your things if you don’t). If you use the white board, be sure to take a picture of your work and clean it after. It’s rude and inconvenient for the next person who needs to use the space to clean up after you. 

Please try to keep your desk as tidy as possible. This may be easier for some more than others since some of us keep a lot more paper than others but just try your best. More importantly, don’t leave dishes on your desk at the end of the day. It will just stay there until the next morning, which is gross.


If you make a mess, clean it up. Period. Most of us weren’t raised in a barn, right?

One of the most disgusting things ever (and I dare you to argue against this), is a wet bathroom. I hate, hate, HATE when bathrooms that don’t have a shower are wet. How is it possible to get a bathroom that wet? Let’s all try to keep this bathroom dry. Use paper towels, don’t just shake your hands around. When you dispose of your paper towel, be sure it makes it into the garbage can. (Two points!) If it doesn’t, just pick it up and aim true. Also, make sure to refill paper towels and toilet rolls if you used them up, because if you leave them empty, then you’re making it really uncomfortable for the person after you. 

So you say that you don’t know when the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. Here are a couple of clues. Once you open it, if the screen says clean, then the dishes are clean.


If it feels warm, then they’re clean.


If it’s the middle of the day then the dishes are probably not clean. So you say you’ve opened up the dishwasher before when it was running, so you don’t want to risk that again.


This is what it looks like when the ninja dishwasher is on. It’s quiet, very quiet. LASTLY, if you’re still unsure, you can ask. No one will be offended if you ask. You can also leave your dishes in the sink but then please try to get back to them later.

Please make sure to put back things where you’ve found them. Get to know the closet, perhaps there will be a post next month about it =). Hang your coat up in the morning, it’s more comfortable for you and a neater appearance for the office. If it’s raining, place all wet items on the boot tray, otherwise you’ll have a puddle next to you, and we all know what small puddles next to you can mean. (That it was raining, right?)

In conclusion, we all want our office to sparkle and shine, just like our personalities. Let’s work together to keep our work place a clean place. Let’s assume that this is an ongoing list that will be added to.

Stephanie Liu is a user experience consultant based in New York City. She's strict with rules but always with a smile. Try to catch her on a good day though. Just kidding, she's harmless. Get in touch.