The Changing Geography of Design


Flip through most graphic design history books and you’ll see lots of work from Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. You’ll read about people named Josef Muller Brockmann, Alan Fletcher, and Stefan Sagmeister. The contributions of designers from the rest of the world is either missing all together or confined to a brief section on global design.

Fortunately, there seems to be a movement away from this mentality. The explosion of design blogs has had a globalizing effect, creating a forum where work from Monterrey and Singapore lives next to work from Zurich and Berlin. Designers from all corners of the world are influencing one and other, combining the visual cultures of far off places to create new design languages. Below are a few examples of beautiful work from traditionally underrepresented parts of the world.


Credits from top left: Anagrama (Mexico) Xoclad, Anagrama (Mexico) Argo, Sarp Sozdinler (Turkey) Posters, Face (Mexico) Nrmal, Manifiesto Futura (Mexico) Mutuo, Inhouse (New Zealand) Architecture Awards, Inhouse (New Zealand) Akitu, Foreign Policy Design (Signapore) Proportion 85:15

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