The Puppy Dog Close


How would you like to own a new puppy tomorrow? All you have to do is feed it, walk it, care for it, and give it tons of love and attention. You'll lose sleep. Your social life will drastically change. You'll travel less. Sounds great, right? I know, not exactly a dream come true. That's why no one sells a puppy that way. What if I simply handed you a puppy and asked you to take it home, live with it for a few days, and then decide? Once that cute little bundle of joy is in your arms, the fears go out the window. It's all about the benefits.

If you're ever trying to get a business going, don't hesitate to do some work for free. In other words, give someone a puppy for a few days instead of trying the hard sell out of the gate with no tangible benefits. Perform at the highest level in order to prove yourself, and make your clients or customers wonder how they ever lived without you. 

Take it from me. I haven't had much sleep in the past two weeks. I've had my mind on dog food, treats, pee pads, toys, crates, leashes, and everything else that a dog needs. Because two weeks ago, I held a little puppy in my arms, took him home, and never looked back.

Matt Orminski is a brand strategy consultant based in New York City. He thoroughly enjoys problem-solving, storytelling, and the first bite of a proper cheesesteak. Get in touch.