Rock Band, Anyone?


It’s the 21st century and a lot of things have changed. Cars parallel park themselves, you can get razors for a dollar, and the DMV is a more efficient place. The downside to changing is that our vocabulary is also changing. How many times have we just thrown in a LOL or HAHA pointlessly? I’m guilty! In fact, I will even admit that I have said the phrase “B-T-dubs” out loud. It’s gotten to that point, people.

There are a lot of things we can chalk up to the deficiency in our vocabulary but one of the biggest reasons is that some of us (ahem) are not challenging ourselves enough. How many times have we used the same word to describe something over and over again? Why not try new words, exciting words, fantastic words! This is where this post will rock, shake, and perhaps even rattle your world.

Sassy — adj. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
Guys, I’m bringing sassy back. Yep. This is a great word. So many things are captured within this one word. It’s a way of dressing, a way of speaking, and a way of being. You may have it confused with bitchy or dickish but it’s not as simple as that. It’s someone who’s opinionated, who can cut you with their words, and is not afraid to “sass it out.” It’s someone who wears leopard print pants with a cheetah print shirt and gives no shits about what you think. Sassy is just that. It’s no apologies.

Nifty — adj. particularly good, skillful, or effective.

This one is an ode to someone special. I often mock them for using nifty because, lets be honest, who uses the word nifty? But sometimes, gosh darn-it, some things are just nifty. For example, this tool called "Pluck". It’s an egg white separator; it just sucks out the yolk from the whites. It’s not a stupid gadget because some people could really use it. It’s not useless, or really useful for that matter. It’s just nifty. It’s really the only word to describe it.

Shenanigans — pl. noun. secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering: silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.
It’s a common word, a great word. Some of you may be using this often already but let’s spread the word. It’s a great way to talk about someone doing stupid shit. Whatever they are doing is completely harmless. It’s not going to hurt anyone (well, maybe themselves). It’s for when I (as a grown adult) drink like a college freshman on a Tuesday. If I label it as my average Tuesday shenanigans, then the hangover Wednesday morning (and lets be honest, Wednesday evening) is okay, right?

Perturbed — adj. anxious or unsettled; upset.
It really packs a punch for how upset you are. It doesn’t just imply that you’re upset or disappointed, it puts forth a whole new level of maturity and fanciness to that emotion. It’s almost as if you’re on a fainting couch because you just learned that the maid has run away (Downton Abbey, anyone?). It’s such a mixture of negative emotions. It’s not upset on the surface, it’s every one of those unsettling feelings concentrated at the core.

Stephanie Liu is a user experience consultant based in New York City. She's strict with rules but always with a smile. Try to catch her on a good day though. Just kidding, she's harmless. Get in touch.