Brad Hoffman


A few of my favorite things.

Car: '69 Camaro
Drink: Rye Old-Fashioned
Tourist Spot: Barcelona
Musical: Phantom of the Opera

I am in my element when considering a world that does not yet exist. In this environment, no possibility is off the table. The world is ever changing and we must constantly be thinking of what trends, social, economic, technological, or otherwise, are impacting our world. Data accurately shows us the past and in many ways can help show parts of the future. Data can also be what paralyzes us from seeing the future potential. To truly be innovative, we must be ready to challenge the norm and think of our end users. This is where I thrive, leading others to think differently and strategically about our work and what must be done today to build towards a future that our customers expect.

I have cultivated a diverse set of skills through my career. I have experience leading teams for reporting and analysis, budgets and forecasting, and experience design. This gives me a unique perspective in operations, in finance, and in consumer demand. I have developed automation strategies that are still in place today and created many new ways to look at the Verizon business for top leadership. I motivate teams to always think of the customer and design experiences we believe in. I excel in cross-disciplinary teams that show the connection between business objectives and customer expectations.