Kate Sigrist

UX Designer

A few of my favorite things.

Book: Like Water for Chocolate
Drink: Spicy Margarita
Tourist Spot: The Tenement Museum
Karaoke Song: Don't Stop Me Now

I’m Kate Sigrist, a designer specializing in digital and user experience design. Originally from London, I now live and work in Brooklyn. Before joining Bluprint, my most recent role was as a senior experience designer at AnalogFolk. I am passionate about building creative and thoughtful online experiences, with a focus on accessibility. I’m also really great at taking a very systematic approach to systems design — something some folks might consider a bit dry, but I find incredibly interesting. There’s nothing more satisfying than ironing out a bumpy flow or making a set of required form fields more enjoyable to fill out. We can always create delight in the most mundane of places!

Over the past eight years I have applied these principles to a broad range of sites and apps for clients including Nike, HSBC, Pernod Ricard, The Hartford, and Planned Parenthood. For every project I work on, I aim to bring attention to detail, an open mind, and a relentless enthusiasm for solving problems.