EMI Music Publishing


EMI Music Publishing is the second-largest music publisher in the world. We were invited by Axispoint to help bring their mainframe green screens into the 21st century by creating a beautiful, modern experience for their expansive staff, spanning 26 countries.

Business Analysis
User Interface Design

Internal systems don’t have to be ugly.

Just because it's internal doesn't mean it shouldn't get some much-needed love. From B2B systems to intranets to systems that are developed in-house for internal staff only, we don't believe in sacrificing experience.


When in doubt, visualize.

Faced with the challenge of showing the complexity of a music deal breakdown or how a song was making and breaking expectations the world over, there's no better way than with a picture. From donut graphs to maps of the world, you can communicate a lot more in the blink of a graphic than a big flat table.