Graphe allows there to be a complete healthcare feedback loop. Patient-entered data and provider-entered data make up your Graphe electronic health record. That health record then gets shared out to researchers (anonymized, of course), and that pooled data helps speed up medical progress, which helps future patients. Cool, huh? We think so too. For now, Graphe has been put on hold — the timing just isn’t right. But thinking big is never on hold, that’s just what we do.

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Integration City.

It’s all about the APIs on this one. Data needs to be able to get passed back and forth between the various healthcare systems for something like this to be truly useful.


A big picture kinda health record.

With more and more people tracking personal health metrics, patient-collected data should not be discounted as "unofficial". It can be used to paint a bigger picture.


Clean forms. Clean data. Beautiful visuals.

Unless you can understand your data, it’s not very useful to you. Clean forms lead to clean data entry which we translate into beautiful visualizations to make it easier for you to interpret your data.