Houlihan Lawrence


Finding the perfect home is an awesome experience. The process to get there? Not so much. We were invited by CO OP to help Westchester's real estate leader, Houlihan Lawrence, ease the buyer's tedious process, and turn a frustrating process into an exciting journey.

Information Architecture
Search Engine Optimization

Stunning properties, please. Lots of them.

With endless scroll, we made it easy to browse countless properties on any device. We surfaced the most important information, and let the beautiful photos speak for themselves. Want to stop and smell the roses? Look at a specific property in detail? Easy. No more tapping in/out/in/out. Properties are always within scroll reach.


Location is everything? Then show me a map.

Choosing a town from a list works for some. Others need to actually see where that town is located. For that crowd, we introduced an awesome map and loaded it with complete search functionality. Refine your search, watch the results update in real time, and explore the area. Oh, and for the record, Google Maps is awesome.


If I can’t see myself in a town, I’m not moving there.

You don't just choose a home. You choose a community, too. As Westchester's top name in real estate, no one knows its communities better than Houlihan Lawrence. We challenged them to prove it. From gorgeous photos to smarter ways to present data, we focused on what matters.