TIME Magazine


A cultural icon, TIME magazine needs no introduction. We were invited by the ever-so-talented folks over at Big Human to help make the awesome happen. In addition to designing a game-changing infinite scroll experience, we helped invent a new ad unit (seriously), and rocked out with the development team on Wordpress VIP.

Project Management
Information Architecture
Ad Unit Innovation

Wasting time sucks (pun intended).

From China to Chile, the journalists at TIME magazine cover some of the most important stories in the world. Editors can't be bothered with a shitty CMS. We worked with the development teams at Big Human and Time Inc to help implement and customize Wordpress VIP. Whether folks needed new tags or a simple way to break a huge story, the CMS never got in the way.


Yeah, we invented an ad unit.

Working with the illustrious Daniel Bernard, we helped shape some fun innovations on the staid ol' ad unit front. It isn't every day you get recongized as a rising star with the IAB.


When your content is being consumed by millions of people, you'd better deliver an awesome experience.